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Sharpen your acting skills with these fresh and original, funny and dramatic scenes

These 1-3 page acting scenes have been tested at the Actors Drop In, located in Vancouver, Canada. All received great reviews from participants and audience members alike, even when read for the first time. Most scenes are for two actors.

You can use them to practice for auditions, take them to your scene study group, or use them as teaching tools for your students. You can also perform them with the permission of the writer.*

Purchase these scenes for only $2 each

Click “Add to Cart” for the scene(s) you’re interested in and you’ll be taken to our secure PayPal shopping cart. You will receive your scene via email within 24 hours.

Available Scenes

Tease (Free sample scene): A comical dating scene where a frustrated woman gets back at her date who has yet to make a pass at her (male/female)


Clones Gone Wild: A special agent confronts his boss the day after he gets beaten up by his wife and her clone for his inability to tell them apart, a chase ensues (male/male)

Psychiatry and the Crocodile: A determined psychiatrist and witty resistant patient argue over the existence of a crocodile in the hospital (two actors)

Kids on Swings: Two children share their funny interpretation of the adult world with innocent references to sexual innuendoes they have heard (two actors)

Women in Love: Two “straight women” discover, laugh at and struggle with their love for each other (female/female)

Boxer: A dramatic scene where a teen literally lashes out at her mother’s threatened abuse (female/female). Contains coarse language.

Dragon Warrior: Scene One – Queen Zeeta convinces the King that she must slay the dragon that threatens their ancient city. Scene Two – Queen Zeeta confronts the dragon and outsmarts him. Suitable for a children’s audience (King, Queen, Dragon)

Broken Secret: The president’s son gets word that his genetic father is out of jail, he threatens to kill himself until his lover reveals she is also his bodyguard. A dark comedy (male/female)

Role Reversal: Two women talk brazenly about the male sex objects in the bar until they discover that the men in this bar are not interested in women (female/female)

Cookies: A hilarious sci-fi adventure involving dangerous cookies, blackmail, a man who floats upstairs and a scientist who declares victory. (two actors)


*If you would like to shoot scenes or perform them for profit or for any other reason, please contact Cassandra Freeman at To find out more about the Actors Drop In, go to

  1. Thanks to Adam Abrams for designing this site.

  2. Alicia permalink

    Nice idea for a website. I think WordPress was a good choice Cassandra.

  3. Cimarron permalink

    I loved the scripts I heard! —Interesting and fun to act.

  4. Thanks!Check out the free scene above.

  5. Your scene(s)will be emailed to you.

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